Update: 5 October 2017

2017 Pre-event media release

2017 Australian Kodokan Judo Association (AKJA) National Judo Championships to be held at the Christian Brothers College, 214 Wakefield Street,
Adelaide, South Australia from 6th to 8th October 2017. This event is being hosted by the Kodokan Judo
Association of South Australia and its member clubs.

The Opening Ceremony of the Championships will commence at 9.00am on Saturday 7th October 2017
with the junior & cadet shiai tournament commencing straight after at 9.30am. The Shiai competition
for the AKJA Seniors tournament will commence at 9.00am on Sunday 8th October, 2017.


2017 Nat Comp waiver entry form


AKJA National Weights 2017

2017 AKJA Nationals Invite Information letter.


The official shiai weigh-in for Junior & Cadets will be held between 5.30 – 6.30 pm on Friday evening 6th
October at the venue. The official senior and master competitors weigh-in will be held between 5.00 –
6.00 pm on Saturday afternoon 7th October. There is only the one weigh-in opportunity which will be
held the afternoon before each day of contest. There will be NO weigh-in on the day of the tournament.
Male players will weigh in judo-gi pants only whilst females will weigh in gi pants and a t shirt. Stripping
to underwear will not be allowed.


06/10/17: Kata Tournament for the AKJA National Championships;
Weigh-in for Junior & Cadet divisions.
07/10/17: Junior and Cadet shiai categories;
Weigh-in for Senior & Masters shiai categories.
08/10/17: Senior and Masters categories;


State Associations and Clubs are reminded that all entries must be submitted to the AKJA electronically
(on the attached mass entry form) with the appropriate fees of $60.00 per category for Seniors and
Cadets and $40.00 per category for Juniors by no later than the 31stAugust 2017. Entries made after
this date carry a late entry fee of $90.00 per category and will be accepted up until 7 days prior to the commencement of the Championships. Entries into the open categories are free if the entrant has competed in a weight category.

States and Clubs must have each competitor complete the individual entry waiver form (also enclosed
herewith) and have them submitted to the Event Director by the listed closing date. The AKJA only
requires the mass entry form to be sent in electronically by the due date with the appropriate fees.
Please do not alter the format of the Excel spreadsheet (mass entry form). The hard copy individual
entry/waiver forms are to be submitted by no later than 24th September 2017 to the address below.
No entry without the appropriate fee and on the proper form will be accepted.

AKJA Inc. Event Director
917a South Road,
Clarence Gardens
S.A. 5039

Mass entry weigh-in sheet is to be emailed to: [email protected]
Competitors will be entered in the appropriate age and weight category to which they belong. Those
competing in the Cadet Category (16 & 17 years inclusive) may also enter the appropriate senior weight
category with and additional fee of $30.00 if they so desire. States and Clubs are reminded that natural
birth date applies at all AKJA Tournaments. Random proof of age checks may be conducted at the
discretion of the AKJA.

There is no limitation of player numbers entered by any State or Club. Entry forms can be obtained
from the AKJA website at: www.judokodokanaustralia.org.au. Can the attached name and weight sheet
(with all columns completed) please be forwarded electronically (via EMAIL) to the Tournament Director
at: [email protected]

States and Clubs must notify the Tournament Director (David Gordge) of any weight changes by no later
than the 27th September 2017. Please ensure junior weights are correct otherwise penalties for not
doing so will have to be re-introduced. Please note that Cadet and Senior competitors who do not make
the weight of their officially nominated category, may either be disqualified or charged an additional
entry fee to be re-entered in a different category. The A.K.J.A. Inc. reserves the right to amalgamate
divisions or separate ages as may be required on the day.


The Kata Tournament entry fee is $60.00 per team per Kata, $90.00 per team for two Kata, plus
$30.00 for each additional Kata thereafter. The Kata to be contested are;

Separate Kata entry forms are also enclosed herewith. Kata entries and the appropriate fees must be
lodged at the same time as the Shiai entries.
A Kata competitor competing in one Kata cannot compete in the same Kata with a different partner.
Kata pairs can be same sex or mixed. Kata competitors must report to the control table by no later than
30 Minutes (4.30pm) before the Start of the Kata Tournament at 5pm on the 6th October, 2017.


All States are requested to submit a list of their active ranked referees who are willing and
able to attend these Championships in a Refereeing capacity. Referees are a necessary part of any
tournament and for this one to be a success, referee help is needed. It is requested that every State
please provide a number of referees prepared to assist with this task. In addition, a list of active
candidate referees (who should hold a minimum of a State “A” license) who wish to undertake
examination at these championships for a National license should also be submitted at the same time.
Both the Referee and Candidate referee list must be lodged with the AKJA by no later than 23rd
September 2017. This document is to be emailed to the Tournament Director @
[email protected]

States and Clubs should ensure that all referees including candidates wear the official AKJA
Referee/Officials uniform of navy jacket, grey trousers, navy socks. Pocket badges for the jackets will be
sent out on request or provided on the day.


Competitors at this tournament will only be allowed to compete in ALL WHITE JUDOGI. In
addition, States and clubs are reminded that Juniors compete under modified rules and kids U13 years
will compete under a multiple scoring system with continuous time operative. The rules of this
tournament will be governed by the AKJA Contest Rules 2016-2017. An electronic copy of the rules can
be found on the AKJA webpage.
Should there be any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned or the
Tournament Director (Mr David Gordge 0416 115 195).